Zili Ho

I am a consultant at Corion since April 2019. I enjoy challenges which allow me to help stakeholders embrace the different possibilities and transformation in change processes. With my diverse cultural and academic background, I have a high sensitivity in people dynamics and strong empathy for others. I treat people sincerely and build relationships in a natural way.

What are my work skills?

In my current job, I work as a transformation consultant by utilizing my expertise in change management and psychology to help clients to drive the transformation agendas. With strong capability in both qualitative and quantitative analysis, I investigate complex situations and untangle the intertwined relationships among different factors. Furthermore, I pay close attention to people’s needs and feelings because I believe that transformations can only be successfully implemented when people feel that they are respected and cared for. Hence, I help to deal with their fear and resistance towards transformation by creating a trusting environment for change processes. I also communicate the benefits of the changes with the stakeholders to ensure each and every individual is mentally prepared for the exciting transformation, not only from the perspectives of the company but also from the angle of individuals.

What do I in my spare time?

Living in the Netherlands, I have been learning the Dutch language and loving to explore the culture. Good food and great company are always must-haves during my free time. Besides trying new restaurants, I love experimenting with new recipes.

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